What can I donate?

> Climbing gear

  • Climbing shoes (no blown shoes >> check out

  • Helmets (softshell or hardshell)

  • Harnesses (safe, fully adjustable, small full-body)

  • Approach shoes

  • Quickdraws (newer than 5 years)

  • belay devices, gri-gris, etc (no sharp edges)

  • rain shells, softshells

  • rope bags

  • New dynamic or static ropes (no used ropes)

  • rope access/rescue gear (our mentors train in vertical rescue

> Alpine gear

  • hiking boots sizes 5-11 us

  • crampons (strap-ons or hybrids)

  • storm gear

  • gloves (warm, waterproof)

  • single and multi-day First-aid kits (not expired)

How do I know if it’s too old?

  • shoes: have holes in toes, or are very rigid or curled up from age

  • atcs: sharp metal edges from where the rope runs over the metal

  • harnesses, PAS, fabric items: obvious serious UV damage, cuts, holes, etc

  • rain gear: delaminating waterproof material (is no longer waterproof)

  • helmets and crampons: look for fractures, damage

How do you check if the gear is safe?

  1. donations are sorted with 25+ years experience at Boulder Sports recycler

  2. We ask for the Gear’s history 

  3. We also Sort based on safety standards of industry leaders and used gear stores. 

Where do I send gear?

ship to:

Climbing W/O Borders
4949 N. Broadway Suite #113
Boulder, CO 80304

Will CWB pay for shipping? 

normally no, though in some cases we can help split the cost.

Can I write off the cost of shipping?

yes. If you’d like to write off your shipping cost, contact us by email: