Your gear empowering opportunity youth

cesar, youth mentor for Escalando Fronteras

the mission is simple:

Be a hero.

Donate outdoor gear to empower opportunity youth in the Americas.

We want to make the mountains accessible by giving youth in low-resources areas in the Americas the gear they can’t afford.

Photo by TNF Athlete  Savannah Cummins

Photo by TNF Athlete Savannah Cummins

Our Impact

Since 2014, CWB has

  • collected an estimated $20,000 in used gear.

  • impacted ~200 youth in the Americas

  • received international support from 100+ climbing gyms, donors and pro athletes


in outdoor & climbing gear Raised

Initiated by the Move Mountains Tour in 2014, we’ve collected climbing gear from individuals, gyms and events in North America through family, volunteers, gyms and businesses.



Years Serving at-risk youth

Although founded in 2018, CWB has been collecting climbing gear, providing gear to youth programs, and working with those programs on-site since 2014.



people have contributed

Climbers, gyms and brands have donated used, old, even brand-new gear (samples, outlet goods, or gear with flaws) so at-risk youth have access to more adventures the outdoors where they can develop life skills and have a better future.

Gear Collection

Donors can SHIP or DROP gear to us.

Boulder Sports Recycler
4949 N. Broadway Ste #113
Boulder, CO 80304

Gear checked by industry standards.

Questions about shipping costs?

Want to volunteer?

  • Volunteers have raised up to $1,000 in one night by tabling at an event in their gym

  • Volunteers have collected gear at their gyms by:

    1. sorting their gym’s lost&found

    3. setting up a gear collection box

    4. suggesting us as a benefiting charity for a fundraising event or competition

  • Have grant writing, graphic design or web skills? Study child psychology or climbing therapy? give us a holler:

CWB takes:


  • Climbing shoes, adjustable harnesses, helmets, belay devices, climbing packs, hydration bladders and packs, alpine clothing.

  • A more in-depth list: What Can I Donate?

CWB can't take:

  • Blown-out climbing shoes (check out

  • Hardened, stiff, uncomfortable shoes (these cause blisters)

  • Mismatched, odd-sized shoes

  • Gear not safe or functional


"I'm stoked to give you guys gear. I fully support what you guys do." 

- Pro Climber Matty Hong at the 2018 International Climber's Festival

Be a hero. Empower opportunity youth through climbing.