Climbing Without Borders
Climbing Without Borders
Using your old gear to empower opportunity youth

Our Mission:

Empower at-risk youth outdoors

We strive to empower opportunity youth (we think this is a better term than at-risk, marginalized, etc) in low-resources areas in the Americas by supplying those youth empowerment programs with outdoor gear, and using the sales of donated gear to help provide funding.

Outdoor gear can be expensive, even inaccessible, to many small growing youth programs with small or no budgets, such as Boys and Girls Clubs on Native American reservations, or programs working with indigenous youth in countries that have high import taxes on outdoor gear.


The Mission

Our mission is to empower "opportunity youth", kids in areas of low resources and high crime, through a connection to their mountains and local climbing community. Our goal is to collect, sort and ship climbing gear to climbing youth programs we've worked with hands-on and think have the highest potential to change their community, such as Escalando Fronteras.


Our Impact

In 2014, our first campaign called "Move Mountains Tour" raised $10,000 in donated climbing gear. We've collected an estimated $20,000 in used gear since then.

Through our support of Climbing Borders, we've impacted at least 200 community members in Monterrey, Mexico, and helped connect young leaders of the violent inner city neighborhood of Lomas Modelo to their local mountains and climbing community.

We also advocate for Climb'n'Conquer in Vancouver, Centro de Escalada Urbana in Brazil, and are always looking to contribute to other climbing youth programs in the Americas.



in gear Raised on the tour

Founder Tiffany Hensley drove her Sprinter around 8 states giving presentations about Climbing Borders and collecting climbing gear for youth, then drove her van to the program's location in Monterrey, Mexico.



Years Serving communities

Since 2014, CWB has been collecting climbing gear and providing gear to youth and working with the programs on-site in their own target areas.



Gyms have contributed

Climbing gyms donate lost and found, so that at-risk youth have access to gear in order to go outdoors, seek adventure, develop life skills, and influence their communities.


Our Gear Collection Program

Climbing gyms, donors, and more can send their used gear to Boulder, CO for sorting and redistribution.

Gear is sorted for safety, check by standards followed by used gear stores around the USA, and shipped to the youth programs directly.

Shipping costs are usually be covered by the donor or gym, but we look for ways to make shipping possible if the donor can't pay the cost.



Ask your climbing gym about sending their lost&found to Climbing Without Borders, sort out useable donations, and contact us about the shipping cost. Contact


Tiffany Hensley
(831) 566-8139

we take

  • USABLE, SAFE gear
  • Shoes, harnesses, helmets, hardware, packs, hydropacks, piolets, ice and alpnine gear, alpine clothing, etc


We can't take

  • Unresolable, blown climbing shoes
  • Hardened, old shoes that cause blisters
  • Mismatched, odd-sized shoes

I'm stoked to give you guys gear. I fully support what you guys do.

Matty Hong @ Lander Bar, International Climber's Festival / Professional Climber



Get Involved

Volunteer at your local gym to collect, sort and ship gear to collection points in Santa Cruz, CA or Boulder, CO. Contact